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We are a dedicated flooring company, specializing in Carpets & Vinyl Flooring products, that believes in good design and finding innovative ways to meet your requirements. We are here to create a better tomorrow, one floor at a time. Our Priority is in the Comfort of the Most Important Feet in the world. Yours...

Office Carpets

Our vast collection of quality carpets make-ups allows us to best cater to your flooring needs. From the soft, shaggy, furry and fluffy to the luxurious, unique and practical, we provide it all specially for you.

Mosque Carpets

We provide a wide ranges of Mosque Carpets that are soft, comfortable and does not easily ware out, proving to be ideal for your worship.


The design, art, texture, colors and creativity portrayed in the Sejadah remains a cherished beautiful item in our home. Not only for the comfort during prayer and meditation but a beautiful company that tells a story.

Vinyl Flooring

Designed to resemble hardwood in different shades and texture appearances. Our Vinyl Planks along with most skilled staff makes sure you have a clean and exciting feel of nature's touch. With a range of choices for your preference.

Curtains & Blinds

Our Window Coverings are made of strong and long lasting materials that prove effective to shade you from the glare of the outdoors. It is easy to use and clean, and is guaranteed to last a long time at an affordable price.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide quality and recommended Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning method to remove stains, kill germs and virus on your carpet for improve carpet condition and a healthier working environment for office or living home environment.

Why Choose Us

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody is going to know whether you did it or not. We work confidentially, professionally and honestly.
Being a call or visit away from satisfying your inquiries, we give free consultation and quotation on our products to your space. Given that you have the necessary information for a clear understanding of the product and scope.
According to our clients' taste and needs, we have accumulated ranges of different flooring products.
Innovative Solutions & Flexibility
We cultivate creative ideas formed from years of experience into delivering the best service possible there.
Cost Efficient
With a closely knitted Social Network, we have been willed with the power to provide you with cost effective services and quality products.
The company functions as a gear machine, where every part is important and our clients are the oil that keeps us going.

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